To: "Lauren P. Burka" 
Subject: Re: old mud nostalgia 
In-Reply-To: Your message of "Tue, 30 Nov 1993 17:32:35 EST."
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1993 17:35:49 -0500
From: James Aspnes 

I don't have a lot of things saved from back then, but after
grovelling through my old mail files I did manage to dig up the
messages that announced the beginning and the end of the CMU server.
In the interests of historical accuracy I have valiantly resisted the
temptation to get rid of the extra 'b' in the second message.


>From asp Sat Aug 19 05:47:38 1989
To: bsy, clamen,
Subject: TinyMUD now available via telnet

do "telnet LANCELOT.AVALON.CS.CMU.EDU 4201" to connect.  The game
should be reasonable self-explanatory.

If you have trouble, use the "gripe" command inside TinyMUD to
complain (or if you don't, use it to let me know what you think).
Don't expect too much out of the parser.

Note: it's ok to build things, the database will (mostly) survive
crashes and new program versions.


>From asp Sun Apr 29 17:33:05 1990
To: outnews+netnews.alt.mud@andrew
Subject: CMU TinyMUD server dead

The CMU TinyMUD server on DAISY crashed today after hitting the 32 Meg
per-process memory limit imposed by our local kernels.  The internal
database was corrupted and the PANIC dump failed, losing roughly 8000
objects since the previous checkpoint.  The previous checkpoint file
includes all objects up to #132156 and appears to be intact.  However,
the database has grown too large to be reliable and I do not plan to
restart the server with it.  

During its seven-month lifetime, the CMU TinyMUD server went from
being the principal site of TinyMUD development to a bloated and
poorly-managed slum overshadowed by its more youthful cousins.  It is
now time to put the sorry bold beast out of its misery.  May it rest
in peace.

--James Aspnes