Date: 	Thu, 6 Feb 1992 07:36:26 -0600
From: Gregory Joseph Blake 
Subject: I couldn't resist...LOG

Time:8:30 eastern or so this morning
Place: DreamScape
Why?: Why the fuck not

R.I.P. has arrived.
R.I.P. is hurled up through the floor in a runaway elevator and is dumped in a
heap on the floor, amidst a pile of plaster and wood.
You see nothing special.
snooze blinks
Xibo says, "y0 bb"
R.I.P. says, "hmm... whats up?... what to do here..."
Xibo says, "well there's the dragon quest... but you have to do the orc quest
Xibo says, "the smurf quest is easiest tho'"
R.I.P. says, "oh.. how do you start?"
Xibo says, "get the knife from the beggar"
R.I.P. says, "hmm... wherre?"
Xibo says, "next to the tavern, of course.... don't you know anything?!?!?!"
Logging to file foo
R.I.P. says, "ah...dont know layout of untermuds...."
Xibo says, "why, they're just like normal muds, can't you tell?"
R.I.P. says, "ah...dont know layout of untermuds...."
Xibo says, "why, they're just like normal muds, can't you tell?"
R.I.P. says, "heh.. no score cammand..."
Xibo says, "actually you've got to do the accountant quest before you get a
score command"
R.I.P. says, "oh..."
R.I.P. says, "where do i find out about these quests?"
Xibo says, "ask Julia, she knows everything!"
R.I.P. says, "oh.."
R.I.P. says, "hmm.. not on..."
chupchups giggle
Xibo says, "she's not?  damn"
Xibo says, "bitch robot's probably on a cybernetic coffee break"
R.I.P. says, "huh?"
Xibo says, "you know how Mass-Neoteks can be"
chupchups look really pissed about their bot spot.  "anyone have a log or
/recall of when we were last on?"
chupchups say, "maas"
Xibo oh yeh
Xibo estimates 140 hrs
chupchups want proof
R.I.P. says, "hmm... i guess ill try when there are more people on...
Julia has arrived.
chupchups !
Xibo says, "Julia!"
Julia nods to Xibo.
R.I.P. says, "oh.."
Xibo says, "Julia, where is tavern?"
Julia says, "I've never seen tavern before."
chupchups hugs Julia
Julia smiles at chupchups.
chupchups says, "Julia, what gender is R.I.P.?"
Rixel sits in a corner, a French Canadian clad in a black turtleneck and faded
bluejeans, her feet propped on the table. She reaches up to brush her hair
from her eyes, and mutters something in French to herself, glaring
contemptuously at the loud speakers nearby.
Bbush says, "kulia, give me pennies"
You see nothing special.
Julia says, "He looks like nothing special to me chupchups."
Bbush says, "julia, give me pennies"
R.I.P. says, "heh.. death is death.. think of the reaper, whats he? heh..."
chupchups say, "running a tad slow today, Julia?"
Xibo says, "probly got Maas-PMS"
chupchups nod at xibo
R.I.P. says, "what? no emote???"
chupchups say, "try `do'"
R.I.P.  = Rest In Pieces
Xibo says, "use : instead, RIP"
R.I.P. says, "ahh... : works"
Xibo says, "yah, it's copied from Diku"
Xibo says, "you've done Diku, yes?"
R.I.P. says, "huh? what is?"
Xibo says, "oh"
Nihilistic-Kid has arrived.
Xibo says, "nevERmind"
R.I.P. says, ": dont work in diku"
chupchups say, "hi NK"
Nihilistic-Kid says, "hi"
Nihilistic-Kid pokes Julia.
R.I.P. says, "unless eltanin is so fucked that they messed emote up too...."
Julia kicks Nihilistic-Kid.
Nihilistic-Kid gasps!
Xibo says, "NK, you remember where the Tavern is?  RIP wants to start his
newbie quests"
Xibo says, "it's been so long... I was under 30th level then... I don't
R.I.P. says, "how many levels here?"
Xibo says, "we don't know yet"
R.I.P. says, "ahh... you said based on diku??"
You say, "hey there NK"
Nihilistic-Kid says, "hey snooze"
Xibo says, "the only one who's done them all is Hurin and he's not telling"
R.I.P. says, "oh.."
chupchups are still pissed at that head god Moria for erasing their
Julia walks south into the mall.
Julia has left.
Xibo says, "well you shouldn't've said that comment about her tits, chups"
chupchups say, "she shouldn't've made that comment about our withered penises
:(  especially in front of our harem"
snooze chuckles.
snooze pages julia
R.I.P. says, "are all the untermuds connected in that they are all the same or
just same char base?"
Julia has arrived.
Julia walks in from the mall.
chupchups say, "a rose is a rose is a rose"
Julia says, "You paged me snooze?"
Xibo says, "some quests traverse many muds in the unternet"
R.I.P. says, "hmm, i wonder how genocide is going..."
Julia walks south into the mall.
Julia has left.
R.I.P. says, "oh.. so not all the same..."
chupchups say, "genocide is pretty well, we've extinguished quite a bit of the
Nubian race"
Nihilistic-Kid says, "The good thing about this is that player killing is
Nihilistic-Kid casts a death spell on Xibo.
Nihilistic-Kid killed Xibo!
Xibo has left.
chupchups say, "aloud?"
Xibo has arrived.
Xibo walks in from the mall.
R.I.P. says, "heh, talking about the mud genocide actually..."
chupchups hit Nihilistic-Kid with a bonecrushing sound.
Julia has arrived.
Julia walks in from the mall.
chupchups hit Nihilistic-Kid very hard.
Xibo growls
Xibo hit Nihilistic-Kid hard.
You say, "Julia, where is casher o'neil's magic shop?"
chupchups steals 500 pennies from the corpse of Nocturne.
Julia says, "Casher O'Neill's Magic Shop is s,e,e from Le Castelet."
Nihilistic-Kid hits chupchups hard.
Nihilistic-Kid hit Xibo.
You say, "thank you julia"
Julia says, "You're welcome."
Nihilistic-Kid says, "Julia, give me your clothes"
R.I.P. says, "well.. im going to check on eltanin and genocide.. i may be
Julia says, "No, NIhilistic-Kid"
Nihilistic-Kid says, "Oh, come on"
Bbush says, "julia quote snooze"
Xibo whips out his trusty Colt .45 and shoots R.I.P.. *BLAM*
Xibo killed R.I.P.!
R.I.P. has left.
Xibo blows the smoke off his Colt.
Julia says, "I once heard snooze say, "fuck you bbush""
chupchups got an automatic linear turntable, Xibo!
Julia chuckles.
chupchups can listen to 12" 45s on repeat now, plus more!
Xibo says, "that's silly, chups"
Julia goes off home
Julia has left.
chupchups say, "bye Julesbabe"
chupchups say, "what's silly?"
You say, "teehee"
Xibo says, "they don't make records anymore, do they?"
Nihilistic-Kid says, "Boy, a Colt .45 on an LP Mud. That's not medieval
fantasy novel D&D cliches'"
chupchups say, "oh, fuck off Xibo"
snooze turns off logging.
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