Lauren's Lapsed-Jewish Chicken S00p

This recipe contains two parts: Making a rich brown chicken stock, and making the stock into soup. Making the stock takes a good part of the day. The stock must be refridgerated overnight and skimmed before the soup stage, so this is a two-day process.

Cooling soup

Since I attended wrote this recipe, I have attended culinary school and become certified in safe food service techniques. I learned a few things.

About 95% of all chickens sold in the store test positive for Salmonella bacteria. This is because regulations on chicken production is incredibly lax due to a powerful chicken industry lobbying organization.

More about salmonella

Proper cooling of large amounts of hot soup is crucial to protect eaters from salmonella. The best way to cool a large pot of hot soup is to use an ice paddle. You can make your own by filling a 1 or 2 liter soda bottle half-full of water and freezing it. Stick it into the middle of the soup pot, give it a few turns, then refrigerate it. You can also fill zip-lock bags half full of water and freeze them.

If you make soup alot, you might want to buy a commercial paddle.