We are registered at Kitchens Etc. You may go to any Kitchens Etc, surf their web site, or phone them (1-800-232-4070). Our event number is 9003637, but you don't need the number. We can be looked up by name, date, and state.

We would like to fill out a partial set of old Wedgewood China. Our pattern is registered at Replacements Limited.

8am - 12midnight, ET
7 Days a Week
1089 Knox Road
PO Box 26029
Dept. W7
Greensboro, NC 27420
1-336-697-3000 (USA)
FAX 1-336-697-3100
TDD 1-800-270-3708

Also, when I registered with Replacements, I made sure to mark down that 'seconds' are ok. If something has a little chip or scratch, it costs less and will still match the rest of the dishes, which aren't perfect anyway.

We are registered at Supposedly this link will take you directly to our registry. As far as we can tell, there is no way for people who aren't on the web to get to Amazon's registry. Fortunately for you, you are on the web so you won't have this problem.

We have looked for and failed to find a pet supply place with a gift registry. But we would welcome gift certificates to PetCo, the big national chain. Contact them at or 1-877-738-6742.

Non-registry Gifts

Here are some items we would like or could use around the house, but that can't really fit in a registry for various reasons.

For instance, we'd really like a roll-top secretary or writing desk. After checking many catalogues, we discovered that the only places that register such furniture are asking very high prices for frankly not much. But if you have a line on a good used furniture place, you might know just the thing.

Also desired is a wooden storage trunk that would make a good coffee table.

Gifts of money will go towards a king-sized, solid cherry wood bed. You can see a picture at bottom right of this page.

For the kitchen, we'd like a multi-year subscription to Cooks Illustrated and a membership to the Cooks Illustrated Web site.

To go with all those dinners at home, we would like a case (or even just a bottle) of high-quality California Chardonnay. Bottles of port will also be appreciated.

We would welcome donations to Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, to help low-income pet owners afford vet care. Here is the exact address:

Pet Care Assistance Fund
Attention: Joan Stark
Development Office,
Angell Memorial Animal Hospital,
350 South Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02130.