Daniel Hagerty

Picture coming Real Soon Now (TM).


Note that this homepage has moved. I'm too lazy to install a clever redirect script at the old location at the moment, it just does the redirect. So pay attention if you care.

Warning! The only time I ever work on this web page is when I'm too burnt to think of something more useful to do with my time. Thus, expect stupidity.

This page will forever be unfinished. Web pages can have goals too, and this one's is to never be complete.


I just started work at ITA Software. Neither myself nor my employer know what I'm doing yet, but I imagine we'll figure it out shortly.

mmm, Cats

A couple of passable pictures of my cats, and the occasional me. This link has more recent pictures of cats, me, lauren, and the house they all live in.


My job often gets me involved in hacking all sorts of things; I'm planning on publishing a lot of this code in the hopes that it's useful to people. Check here for new things to appear, as my time allows.

Perl hacks

These will generally be submitted to CPAN as they are released.

Email Address

For the sake of family finding me: hag (at) linnaean dawt org Pardon the obfuscation, but I get enough spam.